Questions That Need Answers


Qu.        What do I need to do to become a Christian?
Ans.       The most important thing you need to do is truly Believe Jesus Christ is the Lord  

                and Saviour dying for   ALL your sins so that you can be reconciled back to God. 

               This  act was made possible because God's love for you and Jesus' giving himself to

               stand in your place,  for all you have or could do wrong in the eyes of God.


Qu.        Can I lose my salvation if I sin and do not repent before I die?

Ans.     No, if indeed Jesus did die for ALL your sins, known and unknown,
             and not just those you repented of, then your salvation cannot be
             based on your repented sins.


Qu.       After becoming a Christian, am I still a sinner because I sin
Ans.    Once you become a Christian you are no longer a sinner, but have
             become Righteous in the eyes of God. You are a righteous child
             of God, however who sins sometimes.


Qu.        Can an Homosexual person be a Christian ? 
Ans.     The Bible teaches that the act of Homosexual practice is a
             sin, alongside any form of sexual immorality, it however does
             not exclude Homosexuals from the definition of who can be saved 
             in John 3:16, which uses the word, "whoever" not "
whoever except
so whilst we do not approve....we have to
            accept Jesus also died for the individual struggling with

           Homosexuality who believes in Him.

           We do not promote the act of homosexuality in any form but
           it is not our place to "cage" or control the coverage of the saving power of Jesus's  Blood.

Qu.        Why does God allow bad things to happen?
Ans.     The reasons why God allows things to happen cannot be fully
             explained by man. To have full explanation, is to fully know the
             mind of God, which is not possible. But we know this much, man
             has Freewill to do whatever he is capable of doing, and God has 
             permitted this Freewill both used for good and evil to remain
             operative. As Christians, we have freely surrendered  
             use of our Freewill to take on the Will of God on a daily basis.
             Although, we sometime make a mess of things, our willingness to
             please God is what excites Him most. 


Qu.        Is Grace soft on Sin?
Ans.      No! quite the opposite. The truth about Grace is "You don't have
             to sin". Sin has no power over you if you are under Grace. You are
             no longer limited to your ability to deal with sin. Under Grace you
             now have "God Ability" working in you (The Holy Spirit).  
             A working definition of Grace is God's Ability working in man,
             making him able to do what he cannot do in his own ability